Tech Gadgets To Help You Sleep

sleep gadgets

Having quality sleep is vital for a person to attain optimum health throughout her life. Allowing the brain and the physical body enough hours to recuperate prepares the body to function at its full potential. But nowadays, our gadgets seem to be one of the culprits why we end up being deprived of sleep.

While there are other factors such as distracting sounds, annoying light, guilt, stress, and discomfort that contribute to sleep deprivation – we now have technological advancements that can help cure it. And that is what this post aims to help you with. That ironically, the gadgets, which we think is the reason for most people’s sleep deprivation – could be the aid that may help us after all. My first tech gadget wasn’t even techy, it was a cool pop socket. I guess it’s more of a phone accessory, but it’s great! What is a pop socket, you might ask? Well, it’s a little thing you put on the back of your phone and it helps you hold it! It’s great for being on your phone in your bed – so you don’t drop it on your face! Anyway, today we’re talking about sleeping – not being on our phones…

Let’s take a look at this list of tech gadgets:

These different options might help you sleep. Here they are listed from the most affordable to the most extravagant:

1. Your mobile phone and a pair of earphones

To address distracting sounds such as a snoring spouse, rocker roommates or busy neighbourhood, you may try to use your mobile device after downloading the CALM app. Starting with something that you have at hand, a mobile device and a pair of earphones can help you doze off peacefully and qualitatively. CALM is a meditation app that has programs offering soothing sounds, inspiring stories and a meditative approach that encourages you to relax – and eventually sleep.

Disclaimer: Here’s the thing, mobile phones may not come cheap but, technically, you didn’t buy it to resolve something about sleep deprivation. Here, we used it as a tool to download CALM so, we will consider the subscription fee ($12.99/month) making it the cheapest consideration.

2. Oil diffusers

While there is a lot to choose from, this is the second most affordable gadget after your phone app. Essential oils, specifically lavender, relax your mind. And so, using a drop or two at least half-hour before going to bed should do the works.

There are customizable diffusers that can be set to go off on its own. Just schedule it by the time you sleep and you’re done. You need not worry about it afterwards. 

Some diffusers can ever follow voice commands. These are the ones that you can sync and then control with a phone app, making it, again, controlled with your mobile phone. That said, most of them automatically turn off when it runs out of water. 

If you decide on buying yourself a diffuser, choose one that comes with soothing hues during the day and which can be converted into a night lamp in the evening, is a good option. You might want to try the Royal Living Enchanted Forest Essential Oil Diffuser, an ultrasonic aromatherapeutic humidifier if you’re tired of the usual plastic container-looking type.

3. Smart Mattresses

Whether you wake up happy in the morning somehow depends on how well you rested the night before. While you are asleep, the body works into supporting optimum brain function and maintenance of physical wellness. This is why younger people need more of it. But how do you aid this?

By having a good comfortable bed to lie on. 

Eight Smart Mattress, for example, could monitor your sleep and it lets you know if you snored, and if you slept deeply or lightly. It gives you data about your heart rate during those times and your respiratory rate altogether. This way you’d get hold of your weekly and even monthly trends.

Also, it aids your sleep by controlling the temperature of the mattress on both sides meeting you and your partner’s preferences via your smartphone. Download the Eight App to be guided accordingly through the 1-10 temperature scale, where 10 is the warmest. All you have to do is schedule your preferred temperature setting as you get home or before you go to bed.

This can be synced to your Amazon Alexa and Phillips hue via Android. Apple too offers a device that is WiFi-enabled. Set your bedtime routines with the time you want to wake up – integrating it even with your coffee machine.

4. Smart Nora

Snoring could damage a good night’s sleep. While sleep helps you to prepare for the next day, the pathways formed to help you learn and retain information in the brain is hindered as it gets interrupted.

But a revolutionary product that could be inserted in your pillow helps detect snoring. And as soon as it does, it adjusts your pillow so that your throat muscles may be allowed to breathe back naturally. This prevents the tongue from blocking your throat, therefore preventing snoring too. This doesn’t help the snorer alone but also the partner to sleep peacefully the entire night.

Research has proved that a good night’s rest improves brain function that could prevent neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Moreover, as the brain functions properly, so does the body and the bodily processes such as growth, learning and function ability. Give your body due to rest and it will resonate at its maximum performance.